From my piano to yours...

At age five, the piano became my friend and has been a true companion through childhood, college, motherhood and mid-life retirement. As a preacher’s kid, the piano skills were often put to use and aided by my sister, Cathy, who paved the way by providing much piano music for our home. Thanks, sis! I have always enjoyed playing by ear and creating new arrangements.

Several friends encouraged me to capture some of these arrangements so they could play them. This then, is my gift to them and to you; a website that includes free downloadable sheet music and corresponding audio files. Most of them are in C, F, or G – my favorite keys. It has been fun watching these paperless arrangements evolve into real sheet music that others can now play. I hope you enjoy them.

The sole purpose of this website is to share this music with others. A gift, re-gifted! The hymns were arranged with the church pianist in mind. I appreciate all that they do and wanted to thank them for giving their time and musical skills to their communities.

I look forward to hearing from you.